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Key Performance Indicators

Establishing the right benchmarks for your accounts payable KPIs can help ensure that you protect critical vendor relationships. By the same token setting the right accounts receivable KPIs can serve as an early warning system for lagging sales and an increasing number of unpaid customer invoices.

How our KPI reporting services lets you see what’s working (and what’s not) in your business

  • Measure progress towards goals

    Setting accounts payable KPIs is critical for identifying areas that would benefit from new approaches or by standardizing procedures. Whether you are looking to reduce the number of invoice disputes your office receives or how long it takes your customer to pay their bills, we can help you determine the parts of your business that are working well and those that are not.

  • Streamline your accounting processes

    Manually keeping track of all the aspects of your business is an inefficient use of your time. We know how to set key performance indicators for your accounting department, leaving you free to concentrate on your managing and growing your business.


Outsourcing your financial KPI reporting allows you to:

  • Gauge the effectiveness of your existing credit and collection policies
  • Set improvement goals, such as reducing invoice disputes or how long it takes your customer to pay their bills
  • Forecast your cash flow with more accuracy


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