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Accounts Receivable

Managing your cash flow can give you the stability you need to stay in business. Our accounts receivable solutions can save you time and aggravation while boosting the profitability of your business.

How our receivable management services eliminate a key source of frustration in your business

  • Decrease overhead costs

    As a business owner, you already know that finding the right people to handle critical business functions is not easy. When you outsource your accounts receivable collections you gain access to an efficient team of experts that can handle customer billing, aging, collections management, dispute resolution, and cash forecasting for a fraction of what you would need to pay to maintain an in-house staff.

  • Reduce Bad Debt

    Aging accounts receivable put a considerable strain on your business resources. Our accounts receivable invoice services can spur customers into bringing their accounts current with you and get your collections back on track. This will reduce the need for bad debt write-offs.

  • Streamline your credit approval process

    Extending credit to the right customers can boost your profitability and enhance customer interactions. Our teams can quickly assess the creditworthiness of your customers and prospects. We can monitor payment trends and maintain individual credit limits for key customers, allowing you relax knowing that you are not exposing your business to more risk than you are comfortable with.


Outsourcing your accounts receivable management process allows you to:

  • Spend more time on your core business activities instead of back-office functions
  • Make informed decisions about extending credit to new or existing clients
  • Better manage your cash flow
  • Avoid being the “bad guy” when following up with collections activity
  • Reduce accounts receivable adjustments and bad debt write-offs


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